Trustee certificationWhat is a Trustee?

A Trustee is a person or organization that is appointed to oversee the management and distribution of property and assets owned by a Trust.

Our Responsibilities

Our fiduciary responsibility, as Trustee, is to follow the provisions of the Trust. We are responsible for managing, investing and distributing the assets or property of the Trust. If the Trust is specialized, as in a Special Needs Trust or Disability Trust, we comply with the requirements and follow the statute governing the Trust to protect the beneficiary. We prepare the (required) annual reports, file them with the court that appointed us, and provide copies of the reports to the beneficiaries of the Trust. SFS serves as the Trustee of Special Needs Trusts, Disability Trusts, and/or Individual and Family Trusts. As Successor Trustee, when the existing Trustee has become unable to serve, we help settle Trust disputes as an impartial third party; this is often done in conjunction with a Conservator appointment.