Private Payee

iStock_000007491696Private PayeeWhat do Private Payee Services include?

Private Payee Services are tailored to meet the needs of the individual client. When a client is looking for assistance with paying bills and managing funds, we can be of assistance for the short-term or for an indefinite period of time.

Specific Bill Pay –To assist with specific bill payment, Stagg Fiduciary Services, LLC, opens a bank account in the client’s name and the client deposits a specific amount of money every month to cover the bills to be monitored. We receive the bills, pay on time, advise if there are drastic changes, and make sure the income is recorded. A Banking Power of Attorney is an appropriate contract for this type of service.

Payroll – When a client has reason to employ services in their home for personal (or other) care, SFS will set up a personalized plan to process payroll for one (or many) employees. This service includes the preparation and filing of payroll taxes including the year-end W2.

Assisted Bill Pay – If the needs of a client are simple and they choose to maintain their own checking account, SFS can assist by meeting with the client (as needed; SFS offices or client home) to monitor the checking account to make sure no standard bills are lost or forgotten, assist with issuing checks, and ensure that checks are mailed to the appropriate parties.

Automatic Bill Pay – Many people like the idea of managing their bills and expenses through online banking services, but not everyone is familiar with setting up the process. Stagg Fiduciary Services, LLC, can assist with moving all invoices, bills and automatic withdrawals into an online format. We help the client understand the procedure, and then the client can choose to monitor and track the payments themselves or retain SFS to continue managing the account(s).

Long-Term Church Service – Financial concerns may arise when an individual or family has been asked to commit to a long-term service mission. Stagg Fiduciary Services, LLC, can help maintain personal property, manage monthly expenses, and/or assist with other financial obligations that continue through this period of voluntary service.

Private CFO Services – Oftentimes, obligations, business ventures, and/or travel make managing one’s personal accounts difficult. Stagg Fiduciary Services, LLC, will work with you in administrating transfers between various accounts, both U.S. and foreign, supervising investments, paying bills and reconciling accounts.

High Profile Employees – Stagg Fiduciary Services, LLC, engages with companies who seek assistance in protecting a high-profile employee. The situation may be that the employee is in need of account management and the company understands a confidential third-party is necessary to assist the employee with their personal finances. By engaging SFS, the company (employer) entrusts us to help protect the reputation of both the employee and employer.