Personal Representative

Last Will and TestamentWhat is a Personal Representative?

Formerly known as ‘executor’ or ‘administrator’, a Personal Representative (PR) is appointed to settle a decedent’s estate. Sometimes the Personal Representative has been named or nominated in a Will; however, in the absence of a Will, a Judge may appoint an individual or entity to act in this capacity. The Personal Representative has a duty to administer and distribute the estate in accordance with the probate law and according to the Will (if one exists).



Our Responsibilities

When appointed as Personal Representative of an estate, the responsibility of Stagg Fiduciary Services, LLC, includes duties such as: harnessing and protecting the assets and property of the estate, paying all appropriate taxes and creditors’ claims, preparing an inventory of the estate, and publishing a notice to creditors. Final duties consist of distributing the estate according to the Will, or according to the probate statute, and closing the estate. Please visit Utah Probate for further information about the Utah Probate Code as it relates to the Personal Representative.