Can I discuss the details of my situation with one of your professionals before I decide to use your services?

Yes. We offer a free consultation to determine if any of our services would be of assistance to you or your family. We encourage you to call and make an appointment to discuss your specific situation.

What are your fees?

Stagg Fiduciary Services, LLC, charges fees by the hour. Staff members record their work as it is performed and then fees are billed at the end of the month. read more »

How are Conservatorships different than Guardianships?

A Conservator is appointed to manage the estate of the client, which includes making financial decisions and protecting property and other assets. A Guardian is appointed to make decisions about the personal care of the client including health care, living arrangements and other personal issues.

Do you do estate planning?

Yes and No. Although Stagg Fiduciary Services, LLC, does not directly do estate planning, we work with professionals that do. read more »

Do I need an attorney?

Maybe. If your specific case requires a Conservator, Trustee, or other court-appointed representative, then, yes, you will need an attorney. read more »

How does someone qualify for your services?

If your specific case requires a Conservator, Trustee, or other court- appointed representative, then there will be a review by our firm to make sure we are the most appropriate choice to represent you. read more »