About Us


Stagg Fiduciary Services, LLC (SFS), is a division of Karren, Hendrix, Stagg, Allen & Company (KHSA), a CPA firm that has served the community for nearly four decades. Karren, Hendrix & Associates (KH&A) was formed in 1977. In 2003, Ray H. Allen & Associates merged with KH&A; the larger company acquired Stagg & Associates in 2004—which had a division known as Stagg Eldercare Services, and then finally, as Stagg Fiduciary Services, LLC. SFS has now provided financial services and served as court-appointed Trustee, Personal Representative (PR), and/or Conservator to older, incapacitated, and disabled adults for many years. To complement their financial services to these vulnerable adults, Guardian Advocate Services, LLC (GAS), was formed (June, 2013) to provide court-appointed Guardianships and other healthcare services. Together, the three firms (KHSA, SFS, and GAS) provide broad-based financial and healthcare services to you—our clients.


As a private fiduciary, Stagg Fiduciary Services, LLC, has the flexibility to provide tailor-made services specific to the unique needs of each of our clients. We strive to preserve our clients’ standard of living while protecting their assets, health, and welfare. Our MISSION and our commitment to you—is to minimize your worries, or the worries of your loved one, about daily financial responsibilities—today, tomorrow, and every day.

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